100- Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck Natural Color

SOS organic cotton 5.75 oz jersey crew neck tee in natural color(not dyed or bleached). The SOS style 100 is a very durable tee that will last many years and continue to soften with age and washings Shirts are sized up to account for shrink after first washing. The natural color varies from year to year with the type of growing season experienced by the cotton. Made in USA. The picture is taken in one of our cotton fields. Colors available for this tee in the style SW100

 Size                    Chest             Length +/- 1 inch                         

S                          36-38                28      

M                          40-42                29            

L                           44--46              30        

XL                         48-50               31

XXL                       52-54               32

3XL                        56-58               33